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The laboratory ventilation system is a very important system in the laboratory, and the correct installation of laboratory ventilation ducts is a crucial step in ensuring the effective operation and energy-saving of the ventilation system. Today we will take a look at some issues that need to be avoided when installing ventilation ducts in the laboratory.


1. Failure to remove internal debris before installing the air duct


Before installing the air duct, internal and external debris should be removed, and cleaning and finished products should be done. After construction, the pipe mouth should be sealed in a timely manner. If the debris is not removed, it will cause an increase in system resistance, and in severe cases, the filter screen and pipeline will be blocked.


2. Failure to conduct light and air leakage checks and tests as required after the installation of the air duct system


Measurement of light or air leakage is an inspection measure for the quality of ventilation and air conditioning construction, which must be strictly inspected according to the required specifications. If the air duct system is not inspected and tested for light or air leakage according to regulations after installation, it may cause a large amount of air leakage in the system, making the entire system and project project unable to meet the usage requirements, increasing unnecessary rework and waste, and also wasting energy.


3. The installation positions of various air valves are not convenient for operation and maintenance


All types of air valves should be installed in areas that are easy to operate and maintain, and maintenance openings should be set up in suspended ceilings or shafts.


4. Excessive spacing between air duct supports and hangers


Excessive spacing between air duct supports and hangers can cause deformation of the air duct and affect sensory effects; If the expansion bolts are not used properly, the weight of the air duct may exceed the bearing capacity of the lifting point and even cause the air duct to fall, posing a construction safety hazard.


5. When the air duct system adopts a combination flange connection, the interface leaks air


If the interface air leakage does not meet the quality standards, it will cause excessive air loss in the entire system, fail to meet the air volume requirements, and cause serious energy waste.


6. The connection between the brick structure air duct and the metal air duct is not equipped with embedded parts, or the sealing gap is too large or the connection is not tight.


7. Twisting occurs during the installation of flexible and rectangular short pipes.


Twisted short pipes can easily cause quality problems and also affect aesthetics, so special attention should be paid during installation.


8. The flexible short pipes of the smoke exhaust system are made of flammable materials


The production material of flexible short pipes for smoke control and exhaust systems must be non combustible materials, and flexible materials that are corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, breathable, and not easily moldy should be selected. Measures to prevent condensation should be taken for air conditioning systems; The materials used for air conditioning purification systems should also have smooth inner walls and are not prone to dust generation.


9. The air duct system is not equipped with anti swing brackets.


When installing ventilation ducts in the laboratory, when the length of the main and main air ducts suspended horizontally exceeds 20m, fixed points should be set to prevent swinging. Each system should have at least one fixed point. If not set, the air ducts will move and vibrate during system operation.


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